Areas of intervention

Conservation and exploitation of fishery resources
With this regard, ATLAFCO aims to combine efforts, to take advantage of complementarities, exchanging information and harmonizing conservation and management policies between Member States;
Assessment and conservation of highly migratory species

Given the importance of highly migratory species in fisheries in the Region, ATLAFCO encourages member countries to inform each other on their activities in the assessment and conservation of these species and to coordinate their actions within competent international organizations;
Monitoring, surveillance and control of fishing vessels
ATLAFCO’s contribution to this area is a response to the need for Member States to consult each other and cooperate, with a view to establishing a monitoring and control system for fishing vessels in the Region;
Development of fisheries production and production tools
Since its creation, ATLAFCO has played a horizontal role in ensuring that an integrated approach is pursued to strengthen and promote fisheries exploitation and production, particularly in aquaculture, so that the beneficial effects are reflected in the socio-economic development of their populations;

Marketing of fishery products
Trade in fishery products plays an important role in the socio-economic development of the countries of the Region. ATLAFCO’s aim is to establish bilateral and multilateral cooperation to increase intra-African fish trade and promote transparency and traceability-based commercial systems;

Planning and financing of the fisheries sector
ATLAFCO  aims to promote the fisheries sector and related industries by helping member countries set appropriate policies and necessary strategies for the planned development of fisheries in the Region as well as financing mechanisms tailored to the needs of the sector;
Social condition of fishermen
Recognizing the importance of the human element in all economic activities and the leading role of fishermen, ATLAFCO is working to establish national seafarers' employment policies based on the social protection of seamen and recognition of their rights;
Strengthening vocational and technical training
ATLAFCO contributes to the establishment of closer relations between the training institutions of the Member States and to the setting up of joint networks and joint programs of cooperation in the field of maritime education and training regarding fisheries and related activities;
Development of marine scientific research
ATLAFCO encourages Member States to share their scientific research (notably that concerning fish stocks) through the coordination of their institutes;
Protection and preservation of the marine environment
ATLAFCO urges member countries to intensify their efforts to ensure the protection and preservation of the marine environment. The organization seeks to strengthen the bilateral, sub regional and international cooperation mechanisms related to the management of coastal areas in the region;
Harmonization of policies
In order to achieve effective fisheries management in the region, ATLAFCO encourages member states to harmonize their legislation, exchange information on their regulations, and collaborate with international institutions in order to adopt common policies and positions in fisheries negotiations.

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